Enhancing beauty, Empowering confidence.

Offering the best in non-surgical restoration, enhancements,
and state of the art skin care treatments.


Offering the best in non-surgical restoration, enhancements, and state of the art skin care treatments. Specializing in natural injection techniques, we aim to provide a refreshing approach to anti-aging treatments.

Meet our Founder

Kelly - Founder/Owner

For 20 years, Kelly has served the medical field as a Registered Nurse and for the past 10 years as an Advanced Injector. Kelly is a National Trainer and Speaker for Allergan Medical Institute. She is Nationally recognized on the Top 100 Best Aesthetic Injectors in America list. Her specialty is natural appearance injections. Kelly has advanced knowledge and a skilled technique that keeps her patients looking refreshed and youthful.

Why Beauty Co

We seek to empower our patients to feel more youthful and self-confident in their
everyday lives through safe and effective treatments that provide lasting results. Instead
of high-pressure sales, we discuss your concerns, educate you on treatment possibilities,
and work with you to develop a long-term plan to help you regain control of the aging
process. Our first responsibility is to you. You will receive
medically backed treatments to improve your appearance in a relaxing and luxurious
environment. Our team of medical professionals and skincare experts are prepared to
answer all your skincare needs.

Relaxation when you walk in

Carefully curated, our relaxation area is designed to make our patients feel welcomed and at ease from the moment they arrive. Soft ambient lighting, soothing colors, and comfortable seating create an inviting ambiance that promotes relaxation. Our thoughtfully arranged relaxation area encourages the opportunity to unwind before their appointment. Whether sipping on a hot or cold beverage, our guests can take a moment for themselves, setting the stage for a truly rejuvenating experience at BeautyCo.

CoolPeel Laser Series

Achieve healthier, younger-looking skin with CoolPeel, powered by Tetra CO2 Laser technology. CoolPeel offers a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment option that specifically targets the superficial layer of the skin, vaporizing damaged skin cells. This results in minimized sun damage, reduced texture irregularities, smaller pore size, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, and a more even complexion. Experience results similar to aggressive treatments but with minimal to no downtime. Learn more about our on-going CoolPeel Series offer to save over $100 off each session.

The Ultimate Duo

Starting at $1500, Cool Peel’s superficial skin resurfacing technology combined with Virtue RF’s ability to stimulate collagen production through a wound healing response, brings you the perfect minimal downtime anti-aging treatment.

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