The Beauty Collective

We seek to empower our patients to feel more youthful and self-confident in their everyday lives through safe and effective treatments that provide lasting results. Instead of high-pressure sales, we discuss your concerns, educate you on treatment possibilities, and work with you to develop a long-term plan to help you regain control of the aging process. Our first responsibility is to you, our patients, and our clients. You will receive medically backed treatments to improve your appearance in a relaxing and luxurious environment.  Our team of medical professionals and skincare experts are prepared to answer all your skincare needs.

How it Works

The Beauty Collective is a no risk, ALL reward loyalty program! Upon registering for your membership you will be charged the $150 membership fee, and each month thereafter, $150 will be automatically deposited into your wallet here at BeautyCo. Your monthly draft will ‘unlock’ the membership perks listed below, and we will keep the membership fee in your wallet for you to use at your discretion! We encourage our patients to redeem their monthly membership deposit on our Beauty Collective Facial to keep your skin healthy and glowing all year round.

Beauty Collective Member Savings include

  •  $12.25 per unit of Botox injection (20% Savings)
  • $50 off VirtueRF Microneedling
  • 15% SAVINGS on fillers
  • 15% SAVINGS on all skin care products
  • Opportunity to book Beauty Collective Facial (with complimentary dermaplane)
  • Exclusive members-only access to additional SAVINGS, promotions, new treatments and events
  • Bring a friend on your birthday and you will both receive 20% OFF one service

Beauty Collective Facial

This luxe facial includes a deep pore cleanse, dermaplane, gentle yet thorough extractions, an enzyme treatment, and nourishing facial massage using our extensive range of medical grade skincare. Members will always get their dermaplane for free when receiving the Beauty Collective Facial!

Cost: $150

Value: $245

Beauty Collective Q&A

Your $150 monthly draft is designated towards your Beauty Collective Facial, however you are welcome use this money on any product or service you’d like! Money does not expire and always rolls over. You can schedule your facial, purchase product or save up for your next Botox treatment! The fee is not money we keep, it’s money for you to spend at BeautyCo.
Gift cards of any kind cannot be used on your monthly membership draft, however they can be used on all of your new membership savings!
Yes! Beauty Collective members always have the option to save their monthly deposits in their wallet for larger one-time transactions (such as filler, Botox, Subnovii, etc.) and paying out of pocket for their Beauty Collective Facial or other skincare services while still receiving the membership savings!
Members will always receive priority pricing on services, products and discounts, but we do not prioritize booking or hold appointments for anyone. We have a first come first service booking policy for all of our valued patients at BeautyCo!

Yes! Upon joining the Beauty Collective, you will sign a membership contract that includes all of our membership terms, listed below:

  • This is a six month minimum contract! Cancelation of active membership before the 6 month minimum will result in a $75 cancelation fee and all membership savings received during that time will be totaled and charged to your account. All money in patient wallet after cancellation of membership is non-refundable and can be used towards any BeautyCo product or service.
  • Patients can pause their membership at any time for up to 6 months. After 6 months, membership will have to be activated or canceled, and is subject to the 6 month minimum policy. Months that memberships are paused will not count towards the 6 month minimum contract terms.
  • Your first $150 deposit will be due upon signing up for the Beauty Collective. The monthly deposit will be drafted on the numeric day of initial draft date. (example- if you signup for the Beauty Collective on 2/6, your monthly draft dates will be 3/6, 4/6, 5/6, etc.). For this reason, memberships can only be purchased between the 1st and the 28th of each month.
  • It is the responsibility of member ensure that the membership payment card on file has sufficient funds and is not expired. If your card on file is rejected due to insufficient funds or past expiration, reconsider this a cardholder error and our system will automatically terminate your membership. Unfortunately BeautyCo is not notified when this happens. If a membership is cancelled without our knowledge due to cardholder error, BeautyCo is happy to re-activate your membership, and any amount of time your membership remains inactive will be considered a membership pause. To re-activate your membership we will need to sign you up for a brand new one (this will include a new contract and new draft date), however previous paid months of of membership will go towards your initial 6 month minimum on this new contract.
  • Membership contract will be signed electronically by new member and stored member’s account at BeautyCo. A receipt will be sent to the member and can a copy of your membership contract can be requested at any time.
  • Membership dermaplane is complimentary ONLY when receiving the Beauty Collective Facial. Any dermaplane treatment added onto facials outside the Beauty Collective Facial will be subjected to the $60 add-on dermaplane fee.


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