Facials For Beginners: What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Facial?

Facials have always been synonymous with pampering, so much so that there’s now even an emoji to represent them. However, there are still so many people who for whatever reason have never actually experienced a facial, whether they just don’t have the time or don’t realize the importance of this aspect of skincare. At Beauty Co. in Raleigh, NC, we offer facials that go beyond pampering; they will target and treat your skin issues and help improve your skin.

Facials For Beginners: The Benefits Of Facials

You may picture a facial as that image of a woman with her face covered in thick, white paste, cucumbers covering her eyes, and her hair wrapped in a towel. While facials are relaxing an important part of self-care, they have many benefits that help treat more than just the skin. They can be customized to address multiple skin concerns and help change problematic skin the way that simply washing your face each day never could.

They Are Customizable

One of the main benefits of a facial is that it is customizable. You can choose the facial that best addresses your skincare goals and concerns, whether that’s dry skin, again skin, or acne-prone skin. The approach used during each facial will differ for each person based on their skin needs. The mask applied during your facial as well as the suggested add-on treatments can all be tailored to your needs.

You Can Get Your Skin Analyzed

The benefit of a facial is that it takes all of the guesswork out of the equation on your part when it comes to your skin. When asked what your skin type is, whether, during your facial or when selecting products, it’s normal to not know for sure, but one thing is certain—your esthetician will be. An analysis of your skin by your esthetician will help you learn what your main issues are and what you need to work on at home between appointments.

Your Esthetician Can Select Products For You

If you’re not a skincare junkie and don’t spend time researching the best products for your skin, trying to choose products and create your skincare regimen can be intimidating. After your esthetician analyzes your skin, she will be able to recommend the best products for your skin, many of which can be purchased and taken home with you the same day so that you won’t waste any time getting started on your new routine.

You Have The Opportunity To Add On Treatments

Another benefit that goes hand in hand with the fact that every facial is customizable is that you can add treatments to your facial that will help target your problem areas and improve the overall quality of your skin. When you add other treatments onto your facial, you can get even more results than you would from just a facial alone.


An effective way to have your skin professionally exfoliated during your facial is by adding on dermaplaning. During this treatment, a medical-grade scalpel painlessly removes the dead skin and fine hair from your face, leaving you with a radiant, fresh layer of skin that glows. It also will help the products applied during the facial to absorb better, as well as those you use at home in the weeks that follow.

Medical-Grade Chemical Peels

Another treatment that you can add on to your facial is a medical-grade peel. Peels work to chemically exfoliate your skin by removing the top layer and uncovering a fresh layer beneath. They help improve the skin by treating the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dark spots, sun damage, pigmentation issues, large pores, and uneven skin texture or tone. These are customizable as well and are chosen based on your skin needs.


You can also add microneedling treatments on to your facial. This facial treatment involves the use of a pen-like device filled with micro-sized needles which repetitively stamp the skin and create micro-injuries. The body responds to these injuries by going into healing mode and, in turn, increasing the production of collagen and elastin, which makes your skin firmer, more voluminous, and more elastic.

They Are Relaxing

Whether you work long hours at a job or stay at home caring for young children all day, taking the time to take care of yourself is necessary for your overall health and well being. Facials do improve your skin, but the time you take to relax and commit to your skincare will help you to re-center yourself, breathe, and have some much needed quiet time.

They Help Clear Your Pores

If you’ve ever bought one of those at-home blackhead-removing kits, you know that they can often leave your skin red and irritated for hours and can even make your skin worse, leading to breakouts from the bacteria spread.

Blackhead removal is done best when performed by a professional esthetician who knows exactly how to your pores without harming your skin. You can easily add extractions to any facial and have your pores cleaned from the inside out.

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Now that you know that the benefits of facials are virtually endless, don’t wait another day to schedule your first treatment. We are convinced that after you experience one facial, you’ll be hooked and ready to schedule another. Contact us today Beauty Co. in Raleigh, NC and book what will be your first of many facial appointments that will help begin your skin transformation.


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