What Is Juvederm Vollure Used For?

Aging is a fact of life, and as our life events and experiences pile up, so do the lines, wrinkles, and folds on our skin. Have you ever looked in the mirror and wanted to see the unlined face of your youth staring back? For those of us who want to turn back the hands of time, Beauty Co. in Raleigh, North Carolina offers Juvederm Vollure, a revolutionary dermal filler treatment that can restore your skin’s youthful vitality. Many people worry about the appearance of wrinkles and lines without realizing that there are options available to smooth them out. Read on to learn about one technique that can help fix these problems.

Aging And Its Effects On Our Skin

Our bodies produce a number of substances–mainly collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid–that all work to keep our skin looking young and smooth. Collagen and elastin are both proteins naturally produced by your body. Collagen provides structure to your skin, while elastin allows your skin and tissues to “snap” back when stretched. Another important compound is hyaluronic acid: a natural sugar that helps your skin retain its natural moisture and softness.

Over time, our bodies stop producing as much of these substances as we had in our youth, contributing to visible signs as we get older like wrinkles, folds, and lines that occur because of elasticity and volume loss.

What Is Juvederm Vollure Used For?

Dermal fillers get their name from the dermis, which is a layer of skin located just below the surface. Dermal fillers are a type of cosmetic treatment that is applied in this layer to correct age-associated skin symptoms. Juvederm Vollure is a special gel that is composed partly of the common natural sugar discussed previously and lidocaine to relieve soreness, and it can be used to tackle targeted troublesome areas.

Where Can It Be Used?

While dermal fillers can be used in many areas, two of the most common places where lines and wrinkles tend to appear are the areas surrounding the mouth and nose. These lines are commonly called marionette lines when they are around the mouth and laugh lines when they are around the nose. While having winkles in these areas is normal, these lines will become deeper and more pronounced as we age. Treating these areas to reverse this age-associated loss is a very common purpose of dermal fillers.

Turning Back The Hands Of Time

Juvederm Vollure is one of the many options that can be used to fight lines, wrinkles, and folds. This FDA-approved dermal filler gel is administered during a simple in-office visit. This treatment option relies on supplying your skin with the natural ingredients it is missing to restore a natural and healthy youthful appearance.

While our team will ultimately be able to recommend what kind of treatment is best for you, the primary and most common use of this dermal filler is to diminish the appearance of the lines around your mouth and nose, and it is best used to help in moderate-to-severe cases.

FAQ About Treatment

How Long Will I Be Under?

This is a common and very understandable question that many patients have before undergoing any type of cosmetic treatment, since some treatments require general anesthesia and lengthy periods of healing and follow-up care. The good news concerning most dermal fillers is that they are generally administered only in an outpatient setting.

This means they can be applied in our Raleigh office with no need for any invasive procedures, like surgery. You only need to come in for a short same-day visit, and in fact, because it is minimally invasive, most patients can get back to their daily activities almost immediately.

How Long Will I Have To Wait To See Results?

This is another common question that pops up around any discussion of cosmetic treatments. In most cases, people are able to see immediate results after the application of a dermal filler. However, it is also important to note that this does not mean the immediate results are the best they will ever get. Over time, the skin will smooth out more and give a more subdued and natural-looking result.

Nothing Lasts Forever

In most cases, treatment with Juvederm requires little to no follow-up for about a year, although it is possible for positive results to last even longer in certain situations. Since individual results can vary based on a person’s needs and skin, our team will help you figure out what kind of treatment plan and schedule is best for you. In general, the better you take care of your skin, the longer you can expect your results to last.

Find Out If Juvederm Vollure Is Right For You

There are many options out there when it comes to helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and folds. It can be very difficult to navigate all the options available on the market. Remember, though, that Juvederm Vollure is an FDA-approved cosmetic dental filler treatment that can refresh your skin’s natural appearance. So don’t hesitate: contact us at Beauty Co. in Raleigh, NC to schedule a consultation with our highly skilled team. We will be glad to help you discover what type of treatment plan works best so you can be your beautiful, natural, and confident self!


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