What Is Kybella Used For?

Double chins are sometimes passed down through the family. Research finds that most people would like to eliminate some of the fat beneath their chins. Unfortunately, fat cells around the neck are incredibly stubborn and often do not respond to diet or exercise. Beauty Co in Raleigh, NC, understands this and provides Kybella injection services to help patients get rid of double chins once and for all.

What Is Kybella Used For?

Kybella is an injectable synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, one of the natural chemicals your body uses to break down and absorb fat cells. When you receive the injection, it latches onto your unwanted fat tissues and destroys them permanently. It is a non-surgical process approved in 2015 by the FDA to treat submental fat, also known as a double chin. Recent studies have also ascertained the treatment’s ability to destroy fat in other areas.

Treatment Process

How It Works

Kybella is a synthetic version of the deoxycholic acid, a bile acid essential to the digestive system, naturally produced by the human body to help absorb fat. Once injected directly into the submental fat, it destroys the membranes of targeted fat cells around the neck region not to store fat anymore. Your body’s natural metabolic process then eliminates the destroyed cells.

Areas Treatable With The Injection

This injection treatment is mostly used to remove fat underneath the chin. However, some patients have seen successful fat reduction after being injected in the lower jawline, armpit region, bra bulges, and lower buttock folds. It also has off-label uses for back fat, inner knee fat, and the belly bulge.

Ideal Candidates For The Treatment

The injection is for the majority of people, and nearly everyone is an ideal candidate. It works on men and women but is recommended for adults over the age of 18. The best candidates have good skin quality with minimal laxity, small to moderate submental fullness, and the ability to follow post-treatment recommendations.

During the consultation, the doctor will ask a series of questions regarding your health history, existing health conditions, allergies, and whether you may be pregnant. All those factors could affect how your body responds to treatment. Patients who have undergone surgery around their neck should inform the doctor prior to treatment.

Administering The Injection

Your healthcare provider will mark the injection spots with a marker and administer a topical numbing agent. Multiple tiny injections, up to 50, are used under the chin and take 15-20 minutes. The deoxycholic acid then works gradually to kill fat cells, which the body metabolism eliminates over the following weeks.

Number Of Sessions Needed

The number of sessions required varies for each patient, depending on the amount and distribution of submental fat and personal treatment goals. Although you might notice a positive change in your chin after just one session, multiple treatments are ideal for achieving optimal results. One can receive up to six injections, with at least a month’s spacing between each session. However, many people experience visible results after two to four sessions.

Post-Treatment Instructions

While you should be able to return to your everyday life after treatment, it is vital to observe some simple rules as your body processes the injections, including:

  • Regularly hold ice packs gently on your treatment area
  • Avoid engaging in extensive exercises for a few days after treatment
  • Wear a compression garment


The deoxycholic acid works gradually to get rid of the targeted fat cells. It takes six to eight weeks for results to appear after each treatment. Treatment will stop once the desired results have been achieved.

How Long Do Results Last?

The results are considered permanent, and the fat will not return once dissolved, provided the patient’s weight remains stable. Medical research shows you can maintain your gains for up to five years after treatment if you keep an eye on your body weight. Therefore, strive to maintain a healthy weight to maximize the results.

Overall Safety Of The Process

Kybella is a well-established treatment that has helped many people improve their double chins. This injection process was studied in a global clinical development program that involved numerous clinical studies. Additionally, it is FDA approved, and there is scientific evidence showing the treatment is safe and effective.

This injection is a non-invasive treatment to get rid of trouble spots. Just like many other aesthetic fillers or shots, there is no significant downtime. You can quickly return to work after your session, and people will not even notice you were gone.

Kybella Vs. Liposuction

Kybella is an easier, quicker, and less invasive alternative to liposuction. It is perfect for people who are unhappy with small fat sections and do want to undergo surgery. This treatment only requires several sessions, does not leave any scars, and has no downtime.

Take Action

Submental fullness due to fat under the chin impacts millions of men and women, but this injection can dissolve excess fat and improve neck contours. Its active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, destroys the fat cells, and the body’s natural metabolic process then eliminates them. The treatment process is more comfortable, quicker, and less invasive than surgical procedures. Additionally, the treatment does not interfere with your daily routine, allowing you to head back to work some minutes after a session. Visit Beauty Co in Raleigh, NC, to get the best treatment for stubborn chin fat and learn more on what is Kybella used for?


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